“I’d rather go get my eyebrows waxed or take out the garbage than go bra shopping.” 

Startup ThirdLove wants to revolutionize bra shopping. Its app allows women to calculate their bra size by taking two iPhone mirror selfies. 

The technology analyzes body size in relation to the iPhone’s size with accuracy down to an eighth of an inch. In addition to developing this sizing tech, ThirdLove has designed a line of customizable bras and underwear. 

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Its Sunday night, soon enough to be Monday morning again. Its been a week of DIY, flat refurbishments, stress and terror, mistakes a many and luckily arguments a few.

Sadly we have been too wrapped up in our spring cleaning and muddled lives to see either oar of our mothers but we have sent post and are making progress with the plans on the flat. Its irritating how the shelves and house phone are two ng so long but next week is looking fabulous with the shopping on its way. As usual, she (me) has gone a tad overboard but hey its good to get the Christmas shopping started early, right?

Its clear that my poetry writing has fallen behind but I swear it won’t be too long before you hear some rhymes and reviews again, since the change in seasons is now Its been a rush to get the past year under wraps and logged in a safe way for the records.

Hope your all doing well yourselves. My progress is mostly on Instagram at present and my drive files may be shared throughout the upcoming year.

Would totally like to share some appreciation for the Hudl from my family its made a lot of great difference since Christmas about how easy personal organisation is. Did everyone have a good mothers day? Did you do anything special this week? Is there anything you would like to ask me? Do you want advice with anything? Do you have any comments? Got an answer, Mail me….


First attempt at making a gif.



This is a fabulous design with some scary repercussions! Watch it….

Learning UrbanLiving fast Bunny,

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Life’s changes, in summary